Elderly Care projects seek to make a difference for elderly by providing quality day services in a supportive, comfortable, and secure environment, by maintaining their independence and social interaction. Our goal is to improve the quality of the elderly, without changing their living place.​


Child Care and Education Projects’ mission is to enrich the lives of the children from socially vulnerable families, through various educational, recreational, and spiritual services, based upon Biblical principles, with the aim of avoiding the institutionalization of the children and dropping out of school. We seek to improve the positive, emotional, moral, social, intellectual, and physical growth of the children and teenagers at risk from our community. Parents can also receive psychological support.


Social and Family Integration of Disadvantaged Children projects are designed to provide short and permanent family care and support for orphan children, who cannot live with their biological family.

Our objective is to identify strong families willing to receive children from orphanages and from social vulnerable families in their homes, for Christmas, Easter and the Summer holidays. They help them experience the encouragement of healthy family care over the isolation and lack of attention that can happen in the orphanage or in their family.

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